Commit 61a8cd0f authored by Thomas Pointhuber's avatar Thomas Pointhuber

Revision 29

parent e2eaaf96
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ import os, appglue, dialogs
known_viruses = ['ascii_porn', 'the_legend_of_zelda', 'internship', '1p0rn', 'another_hack_simulator', 'Internship']
known_src_signatures = ['install(\'Internship\')', '', '', 'ransom_', 'heldhostage!', 'virus']
known_src_signatures = ['install(\'Internship\')', '', '', 'ransom_', 'heldhostage!', 'virus', 'l.write(\'blah\')']
def get_program_from_path(path):
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