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# Royal Table of Ur
An interactive table to play the ancient Royal Game of Ur.
The coffee-table is cut into to place expoy resin with embedded LEDs into slots.
The playing board is three rows of eight RGB LEDs, on the outer rows each there's two cells
that are not part of the playing field but for keeping inventory of the stones
not yet in the game and stones already scored. Those fields need a toned down design
compared to the playing field. There's other fields that have certain meaning
and need a more elaborate design.
All cells are all equipped with capacitive sensors allow to move the stones
across the field.
Besides the playing field is a 2 by 2 for the dice. The games uses four-pointed
dice with white spots on two of the points. Basically this is binary and so is
the table's dice. The dice are thrown by swiping in a circle over the dice,
maybe a pulsing and moving circle will help hinting this action.
The stones of the active player pulse, but only the possible moves, to indicate their turn.
The player then taps one of their pulsing stones (or the not-yet-in field)
and the target field that's now flashing to end their turn.
Each player has a different colour as the LEDs are all RGB (or RGBW?)
Colour selection happens by puttng the game into a config mode (press all four stack fields?)
and turning on the dice wheel to move along the saturation scale.
The game is put back into normal mode by pressing any of the stack fields.
The fields are squares of 3.14cm length.
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