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Super Mario Count

Replacing humans with electronics!


  • Wemos D1 Mini (esp8266)
  • SSD1306 Display 128x64 I²C with yellow and yellow OLED display
  • Simple user interface with only two buttons to increment/decrement a decimal number.
  • Safe to resets (loads last total from mqtt broker)
  • Mqtt for NSA surveilance compliance
  • Open Source
  • Blanks screen if the count reaches 0


  • Connect display SCL (clock) to Wemos D1 pin D1 and SDA (data) to pin D2
  • Connect push buttons to pin D5 and D6, don't forget a pull-down resistor to ground
  • Flash esp module with firmware (.bin file)
  • Write all lua files onto esp module (you can use supplied software/


  • Third button
  • Fancy buttons from table calculator
  • Center all the texts!1
  • Be lazy about posting to mqtt so we can catch mistaken double input followed by a partial reverse
  • Display network and strength
  • Display mqtt broker stats