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    Add Add Contributing chapter to guide. · c1403244
    mitchmindtree authored
    This new chapter provides the following:
    - A small overview of nannou's codebase and how it is managed (git and
    - A **PR Checklist** page for use as a reference/reminder before opening
    - A **PR Reviews** page for tips on how to speed up reviews and make
      sure they go smoothly.
    - A **Publishing New Versions** page to inform contributors how they can
      get a new version of nannou published.
    I think a lot of this could be improved and fleshed out a little
    further, but hopefully this makes for a decent start!
    Related to #553 but still some good ideas there that are not quite
    implemented. Maybe it could be closed in favour of opening up specific
    issues for each "contributing chapter" feature?
After you've reviewed these contribution guidelines, you'll be all set to contribute to this project.